Vagabooks was created as a space to explore the intersection between books and travel. We believe that reading allows us to discover places we have never physically travelled to and can be used as an extraordinary gateway to understanding the diverse cultures of the world. Whether it’s where we take our books or where they take us, the site’s aim is to look at page and place with the same curious eyes. Amongst our articles you’ll find interviews with foreign bookstores, reading lists for far-flung locales, and book reviews informed and interpreted through the places between their pages and the destinations outside their covers. Vagabooks is about how reading and traveling displace us, move us, and educate us on the world we live in.



Where you can find me in a bookshop: philosophy, poetry, classics.

I’m the co-founder of the site and passionate about travel and reading. I also write and edit for the website Isolated Nation, where I write on Australian popular culture.



Where you can find me in a bookshop: history, children, nature.

I am a twenty-two year old West Australian with a degree in English Literature and a fervent curiosity in the rest of the world.

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